Growing Farmers

O’Brien Farm is a 30-acre property in St. John’s, NL located in Pippy Park. It represents an opportunity to address challenges facing new or aspiring farmers, namely having access to land while they are developing their skills.

The farm is strategically located close to major educational institutions that can provide agriculture-related training. It is also close to national and provincial research facilities that can complement and support new farmers. O’Brien Farm is developing a farm Incubator that will include a “Farmer in Residence” who will mentor new farmers as they gain the hands-on experience necessary to establish their own farms.

Once interested farmers are identified and receive training, they will be able to work and receive support from the Farmer in Residence. The crops generated can be harvested and sold by individual farmers, exposing them to the marketing side of the farming enterprise.

This program is a work-in-progress. If you are interested in helping us pursue this initiative, please get in touch.