Starting from the Soil Up

The soils of O’Brien Farm property are typical of soils in the Northeast Avalon peninsula; there are areas of the farm suitable for the range of crops which can be grown in our climate; while others are shallow, with low organic content and inherent fertility and better suited for pasture and hay production. Generations of the O’Briens have improved soil productivity by removing stones, improving drainage and adding organic nutrients. The Farm will combine these traditional techniques with newer technologies to develop healthy soils for efficient, healthy food production.

Our community gardens will be developed with imported soil mixes, while our larger meadows will be improved by the use of manure. As part of our Soil Nourishment program, O’Brien farm plans to produce compost to improve soil productivity. This will help us, our future resident gardener, and the kitchen garden (located behind Thimble Cottage) reach Organic Farming Certification.